The Bread and Wine

You Have Found the Front Door
to the
Glading Memorial Presbyterian Church

Glading is an intimate, growing, city church that is consciously integrating into the Oxford Circle community around it.  There are about 50 or so of us who gather every Sunday morning. 

We are just regular people with the regular needs, the regular problems, the regular questions, the regular hopes, and the regular dreams that are common to each of us.  We try to make sense of the terrible headlines that confront us every day, and we want our neighborhoods to be safer and more peaceful.  We seek common answers to the questions of life. 

In short, we are pretty much like you are.  We seek strength in our numbers.  We seek something upon which we can base our lives.  We search for answers to life’s riddles.  We hunger for a circle of people who know our names and who are there to support us as we try to live our lives out of our beliefs and values.

It is not easy, this life of ours.  But it is infinitely easier because of what we have found in the mutual friendships of the Glading church family. 

If you need a friend, or if you seek answers to the questions of your life, then you will find plenty of company here.